Adventure Buddies

The three members of team S.N.R.F. were bunch ride friends who decided to branch out and try something new.  

We've learned a lot about bike-packing, and each other during the months of training leading up to the TA.   

Both Nerena and Renée get quite Hangry (hunger-angry) so Scott has learned the art of racing ahead to find the next shady place for a meal break.



Full suss but heavy

Definitely the slowest member of the team overall, but any QOM I have are for downhills.  



Hard tail

Nerena has pace up hills, and takes a sensible approach on the downs



Single speed no suss

Scott is riding a single speed to try and give himself a challenge.  For most people the TA2020 would be enough, but he's like that.

So many people to thank...

Gear Heads Workshop

Thanks to Jason for helping get the bike in tip top shape.

Gear Heads is a not-for-profit workshop focused on our community and providing a friendly, professional service for cyclists of all types.

Homes away from Home

Thank you to the many people who are willing to put up with three smelly cyclist for the night, or who have accepted food parcels for Hangry Renée.  Apologies in advance that we'll be pretty pooped.

Ararimu - Malloch clan

Manawaru - Pearson bunch

Blue Duck Station - Mel

Palmerston North - Warnocks

Nelson - Mel & Greg

Hokitika - Simpsons

Wanaka - Kathryn & Steve

Queenstown - Watson Whanau 

My family

Mum and Dad who will see the start and hopefully the finish.

My brothers at Rocketspark who have sponsored this website.

My other siblings for the encouragement, including sisters from other misters, and brothers from other mothers.