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Hi! All the best on your adventure, I shall be following your journey and praying for you as you undertake this epic journey! Go well.

What an amazing trip Renee, wishing you all the best of luck. Can't wait to track your progress!
Lauren G

Can’t wait to follow you,only 12 sleeps!!! (I hope you get 12 very good sleeps! ) Very exciting!! Go Renée, go!!!!! Xxxx
Emma M

It looks like an epic adventure and amazing way to see the country. Not surprised with the mode of transport of choice! Awesome you decided to add the fundraising part, too! It ties quite well! Looking forward to see your progress! Let's get those legs to work!!!
Rita M

Looking forward to watching your amazing adventure down our beautiful country. Keep safe, have fun!
Anna W

Looking forward to seeing you safely at the finish line! A great adventure!
Rosslyn J (aka Mum)

Have you got a rear view mirror?  Some roads down south are so narrow. 
Natalie J

Passed the 1000km mark! Well done. Keep it up. John G

You're welcome. Praying for you every morning (NZ time).  The map says you've had some rough climbs over challenging terrain.  I am so impressed with what you are doing.  Don't forget to take moments to savor the journey.You rock!  Larry W

Ride Strong Nee!  Melonpuff

 Hi Renee. I apologize for introducing you to such an awesome but challenging recreational activity. I will follow (stalk) you and cheer for you with earnest knowing very well from TA16 the emotions, grit and sacrifice that goes into this. I'm proud of you for even having a go. Even with cracked ribs I still believe in you and you have a great team to journey with. Pedal on! Steve B

Hope the ribs are holding up GF looks like you made good progress on the first day! Thinking of you.

Janine C

Where in the world are you? Hope it's all going swimmingly, or bikingly... and that you hear the bird song and meet only really nice people!  Jill S

Hi Renee, we are following you in the office. Your bike must have wings, you are so fast. We are very impressed! Go girl! Christine  


Thank you for continuing to share your epic journey Renée!! You’re doing amazingly well and I love how you share little insights in to what keeps you going, motivated, as well as enjoying the country and friendships you make along the way!! Kia kaha wahine toa xxx . Sandee


 Loved day 9!! So many emotions and lessons. Remember this day😁 You rock!   Craig

Renée you’re an amazing and strong person ❤️ Sandee

You are absolutely amazing Renee!!! Enjoying reading your blogs each day - truely inspirational. North Island is done and Dusted! You have got this, keep going x Love Nic & Paul xosxo

Hi Renee, Keep it up, wish I could talk to you and motivate on the side. You are amazing, such a massive achievement Renee. Keep it up!  Uipo

You still nuts Squirrel but keep on keeping on!! Missed you out sailing tonight   Colin

You’re honesty and courage inspire me! You write very well! It’s oh so much easier doing this journey from the comfort of home, but I’m more than a little proud of you! Great photos and stories. Hugs & cheering!   Jill


 Hi Renee, I wish I had found your blog before today, it makes very interesting reading, and I have more of a feel for what you have being going through. I have to say you were remarkably upbeat during your stay with me. I hope you rested well here and are feeling good about this next leg of your journey. Being with Scott and Nerena must put a smile on your face. Go well Renee, missing you already, and looking for to the rest of your blogs   Sandra x

Wow one down and one to go! You are doing so well... an inspiration to us all. Hope you have a wonderful day off in Nelson you definitely deserve it!  Janine xx

You rock Renee. Loving reading your posts. You’ve got this. You are amazing!  Donna

An encouraging note from the big sis, and a free truckie's breakfast!

What an incredible effort!!! So proud of you Renee! Keep going, you’ve got this!  Jeremy

Renee you have to keep going on your big journey. I hope you can do it!   Love from Amelie (6 yrs).

 Renee, I hope that you will bike the whole thing! Of your big journey.   Phoebe (5yrs).

 Hi Renee Sending you lots of love and hugs today. Praying for you daily. You are one amazing lady and so inspiring. Keep smiling, even through the hangry know you are loved and we look forward to reading each day how you are doing.... love S and the boys

 Hi Renee, What lovely pictures. I would say you lucky thing but I do realise how get to be when and where you are! I was amazed at the distance you did yesterday because there did seem to be quite some inclines in that bit. Doing really well! Still very impressed. Christine oxo

Neve cafe, how cool. Was it named after the PM’s daughter? Hope your hanging in there ok? Looking forward to the chance to see you soon. Either in the Sth island or the Nth.   Leah

Franz Joseph! Smashing it! Keep it up.  John

You are smashing it Renee! Not too far to go now. You deserved the day off.  John