Day 21 Hokitika to Franz Josef

144km 1135 m elevation

Richard and Yvonne were consummate hosts right to the end, serving us up a lovely breakfast before we hit the road at 7 o’clock. Richard makes an excellent flat white, and they’re both great conversationalists, Yvonne shared a lot about her time with the Soroptimists. She was the international president for two years and traveled the world including attending UN assemblies

The first part of the day was quite enjoyable, heading to the town of Ross through forestry on both trail and quiet roads. My Dad’s name is Ross so I made sure to take a photo of the local gaol from 1915. 

When my tour bus driver sister found out I was doing this Tour her main concern was this part of the trip along State Highway 6 on the West Coast. It’s a part of the road she’s very familiar with and knows the hazards involved, due to the type of vehicles using it and the fact there is no shoulder for safety.  My expectations for this part of the trip were low and sadly this lived up to those expectations. There were a lot of trucks, buses and camper vans as well as cars that felt like they were going 100 miles an hour.

Due to the heavy rain and low cloud there wasn’t much to see and it took a lot of concentration just stay on the road. We stopped a couple of times for food but didn’t linger anywhere along, just wanting to get the job done.

I was so happy to finally turn off State Highway 6 onto a small cycle trail that took me into Franz Josef glacier township.  My day improved 100% when I saw where I would be staying, in the Glamping section in the Rainforest Retreat. My Lotus tent was delightful, the staff super friendly and helpful, and the facilities were great.

Looking forward to a good nights sleep and a fresh start tomorrow.  

Ross Gaol

Ross volunteer fire brigade

Hokitika Wetlands

Lake Ianthe

Glamping at Franz