Day 16 Nelson, rest day

8769 Steps. 2 hour cat nap

Because my new best friend Dylan at Alton St Cycles was able to fix my bike yesterday, today was a proper rest day! 

It started with an awesome sleep, and blueberries in my breakfast - it’s the little things, I tell you. Garth my host  was kind enough to take me for a walking tour of the neighbourhood. The views from their place are stunning. 

 Nicola  is a friend from Shore Community Church who moved back home to Richmond last year. She had booked us in for the Pics peanut butter factory tour. Being a huge Pics fan I was pretty excited. The tour was interesting but not as interactive as I thought it might be. The delicious food at the café for lunch made up for that tho. Being born in Richmond, it was lovely to see Nicola on her home turf. It’s always great to see her. 

Once back at Garth and Sandra’s I thought I’d lie down for a few minutes. Nek minit, I’d had maybe the third afternoon nap of my adult life. I can highly recommend them. 

Sandra made another lovely gluten free meal for dinner, and after some sharing of stories and laughter, it was off to bed

I was rested and ready to get back in the saddle. 

Pic's Factory Tour

Nelson views

New furry friends

face mask (not a face plant!)