Day 13 Martinborough to Wellington

101km 717m elevation

I cycled an island. Cape Reinga to Wellington. 

When I hurt my ribs I had set this as my revised goal in case the ribs didn’t play ball during the first few days on the trip. But I did it. 

I was expecting to feel a bit more elated than I did but after finding people to cycle with most of the way I was suddenly deserted as I approached the capital. 

I went to macs brew bar on the shore front for cider and chips to try and celebrate.  I mainly was relieved to be sitting still and out of the sun. It’s a strange feeling to go from being with a group of people in the middle of nowhere who are like minded (and similarly clad and begrimed) with a common goal , to being anonymous but peculiar in a big city.   

The day started well, with a great nights sleep, only second time I’d slept right   through the night since I fractured my ribs.  

The ride today was wonderful too. The first part of the Rimutaka rail trail is single track which I was nervous about, so I  walked for a bit of it and didn’t berate myself. Well, not much. 

Then on the rail trail proper, the surface was good and the sun was shining. I bumped into the Rotorua ladies, and my Āpiti trail angels from Warkworth. While riding along I met a character with a couple of dogs and a rifle. He looked a bit rough around the edges, but turns out he is the local rail historian - a wealth of information.   It’s amazing to think of the years of effort put into this transport option which was outdated so quickly. It’s great they have converted it into a track for recreational use. It was well used too, lots of walkers, runners, other cyclists and families on a day out. 

I also got my wish granted to meet Josie again and introduce myself again when I wasn’t in the worst mood of my life. 

Once out of the Rail Trail, the Hutt Valley cycle track took us all the way in to Petone. It’s been amazing to see all the cycling infrastructure being made and utilised in different areas.    Other cycle trails linked up to take me into Wellington city. 

When I went to the Bluebridge ferry terminal I had a wonderful surprise from my sister. She’d left a note for me from my niece and some money to shout me breakfast. Thanks Nat! The  kindness  and thoughtfulness of this got my head back in the game.

 I can do this. She believes in me.