Day 10 Whanganui to Apiti

132km 2233m elevation

I had made a couple of silly mistakes the previous day. 

I got in at 8pm and decided I was too tired for dinner so did all my other prep and went to bed. When I woke up the next day I wasn’t hungry but ate breakfast as usual. About 10 mins after I started biking I was hungry. Lesson one, eat dinner. 

I hadn’t booked accommodation so once I was back in cell cover I tried to get into the Top Ten. It said it was full so I looked for another option. I spoke to some guys the next day and they said there was heaps of space. Lesson two, book ahead. 

When following the guide book I got to Upokongaro and tried to follow the instructions. I rode up and down the highway looking for the cycle bridge over the river it told me to use. After about 20 mins I spotted it on the far bank. It hasn’t been built yet. Lesson three, don’t trust the guidebook. 

I knew my bike could do with a look at to get the squeak sorted but assumed all bike shops would open after I’d left town. The guidebook said the elevator opened at 7:30  but it opened at 8am. Lesson three confirmed. On my way to the Durie Hill elevator I learned from a TA buddy about The Bike Shed. They opened at 8am so I phoned the chap and he could see  me straight away. I raced down the hill and got my bike sorted. Back up the elevator (best $2 of the day) and I was on my way. Lesson four, check opening hours. 

I’d been planning to make it to Rangiwahia and camp but the place felt very isolated and no one else was staying there. I decided to push through to Apiti to stay in the community hall. 

Throughout the previous day and this one I’d been leap frogging a group of guys from Warkworth. They kindly offered me a spot on the floor at their B&B in Āpiti Since one of their group had sadly needed to pull out due to injury. Big thanks to Bruce, George, Sandy and condolence to Simon. Lesson five, humans can be lovely. 

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Apiti, ‘The Last Church in Āpiti’ on AirB&b is awesome. 

Durie Hill

Last Church in Apiti