Day 4 Helensville to Ararimu

114 km and 1449m elevation

Today was my favourite day so far. I got to meet up with so many friends along the way.  Some people are amazing. Some people are awful. 

An awful person almost made me a temporary hood ornament on their people mover. They pulled out to pass a truck on a short straight. I don’t know if they just didn’t see me or if they did see me and just didn’t care. Fortunately the truck driver was alert to the situation and slowed down to let them pass in time.

The rest of the day was with amazing people. A lovely sunrise made up for the steep pinch to get out of Helensvale. My first surprise was being met by my bike bro Steve who found me on old North Road with a hot coffee and Glutard brownie for morning tea.

I then carried on to My Ride bike shop in Westgate who kindly fixed my crank and rear hub bearings while I waited. Paul and Diane met us with a picnic and some great company. 

Sarah and Julio, Some friends from my first bike packing trip, popped out of the bushes along the north western with some huge smiles and lots of encouragement. 

We took the inland route from Auckland to Miranda, which is an approved alternative to avoid traffic. I think the person who planned the route though wanted us to suffer for it. Some of the steep sections had a gradient of 16%, but knowing we had family to stay with in Ararimu spurred me on up the incline.  Tristin even rode part of the way to meet us.

They gave us an amazing dinner with beef brisket slow cooked, roast veggies and a massive cake for dessert. As I keep rabbiting on about, I don’t deserve my family. After the previous night of sleeping on the floor in a room full of snoring corpses, having my very own room and a comfy bed was absolute bliss.

Mt Roskill

Auckland City Skyline

One of the highlights of the day - dinner with family and a comfortable bed