Renée's Adventurous


I'm cycling the Tour Aotearoa, which starts in Cape Reinga and ends in Bluff.  It is 3000km, self supported.  Hence, Renee's Adventurous Bike-ride (RAB).


'Don't leave home til you've seen the country' is a saying worth repeating.  New Zealand is a stunning country, and I'll get to visit many parts of it by bike that are hard to get to any other way.  

I'm also hoping to raise awareness and funds for an awesome charity called Radiology Across Borders (RAB).

Home Again

In February 2018 I did my first ever bike packing trip around the Coromandel peninsula, over Auckland Anniversary weekend.  I really enjoyed my first experience, but when I found out the chap whoRead more

Day 28, Invercargill to Bluff

I awoke through the night to heavy rain and gusty winds, wondering if I’d made the right decision to delay finishing. Luckily by the time I got my bike packed (for the last time - gulp) the rainRead more

Day 27, Mossburn to Invercargill

Nerena and Scott assured me I slept well, apparently I was snoring and snuffling two seconds after the light went out. Sorry team, must have been my turn. The sunrise this morning over misty fieldsRead more

Lower Shotover to Mossburn

  It was hard to say goodbye to the Watson clan and get back on my bike. They made me feel so welcome and it was nice to have a taste of normality, albeit briefly. They have a wonderful home with aRead more

Day 25, Wanaka to Lower Shotover

My time in Wanaka ended the way it began, being guided along the outlet trail by my bike sister Kathryn. The air was crisp and cool, and the clear skies made for a beautiful sunrise. The day alsoRead more

Day 24, Wanaka Rest Day

The blame for me doing this brevet could be allocated quite a few ways. My family and friends who are supporting me despite their concerns for my safety and sanity, my Bike Bro Steve who organisedRead more

Day 23, Haast Village to Wanaka

The Haast region is so spectacular it has been awarded the status of being a "World Heritage" area.  I whole heartedly agree with this decision, it is truely breathtaking. Haast village lies nearRead more

Day 22, Franz Josef to Haast

My shoes have turned. Although I know they were never alive, they definitely now smell as if they have died.  It’s actually amazing it’s taken this long considering how many days I’ve beenRead more

Day 21 Hokitika to Franz Josef

Richard and Yvonne were consummate hosts right to the end, serving us up a lovely breakfast before we hit the road at 7 o’clock. Richard makes an excellent flat white, and they’re both greatRead more

Day 20, Blackball to Hokitika

The weather forecast was for heavy rain by Hokitika so we got on the road in good time to beat the worst of it. The sunbeams coming through the clouds at sunrise were lovely over the misty fields butRead more

Day 19, Reefton via Big River to Blackball

This part of the Tour Aotearoa is also quite notorious for involving a lot of mud, sweat and maybe tears.  It includes quite a bit of climbing, and technical single track. Single track is a MTB termRead more

Day 18, Murchison to Reefton

Murchison dawned fine and crispy at 5•, and as we cycled down the valley the temperature dropped even more. The fog in the distance gradually receded as we got closer so we were never fullyRead more